Welcome To People Foundation for Humanitarian Response

In view of the growing needs since 2015,people come together with great efforts to improve livelihoods and raise the standard of living of families.

We generally established as a community initiative for a group of young men and women to implement self-financed initiatives represented in distribute shelter items, charitable kitchen and bakery, charitable clinic and pharmacy, support medical complex with solutions and medicines and provided its staff with meals. It had wide effects in improving the livelihoods of members of society, as it is still ongoing today, initiatives have evolved since 2015 to become institutional projects under the institution’s misfortune and in accordance with the standards agreed locally and internationally.

VisionMissionOur ValuesOur Goals

Social entrepreneurship

To achieve a qualitative contribution in the humanitarian development activities by understanding the needs of people and reflecting such needs into guided projects and activities depending on a distinguished staff and strategic partnerships with many local and international partners.

  • Trust:
    We are keen in every step of the way to gain the trust of our community andour partners.
  • Commitment:
    Is a profound pillar in our foundation to succeed in our mission.
  • Transparency:
    We believe in establishing a healthy partnership through transparency andintegrity.
  • Society methodologies our priority:
    We work for inclusive and sustainable development within the local community activation to achieve knowledge society and strengthen its faith in its issues commitment.
  • Good governance :
    The real development starts through justice principles, fairness, transparency and groupwork. Partnership building Development partnership based on transparency, creditability,integrity and cooperation
  • To contribute in supporting the sustainable development paths.
  • Provide the humanitarian relief assistance and protect the affected groups.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with various local and international entities.
  • Raise the awareness of the community of the importance of a mine-free environment.
  • Working economically and socially to build and empower the youth, women and poor people.
  • Developing sources of fixed income for economic sustainability.
  • Institutional development and construction in order to improve the level of services provided to the targeted groups.

Our Scope of work

Projects & Programs | The foundation works to achieve its objectives through a range of programs and projects according to the following:

Volunteer management programsRelief Programs DepartmentDevelopment Services DepartmentProjects and programs on the health sectorProtection programs
  • Qualifying and capacity building programs for volunteers.
  • Community volunteer programs.
  • Food relief
  • Health relief
  • Shelter relief and housing
  • Evacuation program training
  • Providing psychological support programs
  • Productive sewing labs
  • Productive Bakery
  • Small loans
  • Handcrafts
  • Livelihood projects
  • Distribute seeds to farmers
  • Making workshops to raise awareness and upgrading the skills of All the agricultural categories
  • Total Rehabilitation of hospitals and health centers
  • Training of health staff

Our Trusted clients

We have show that some of our best partners to all beside us